Rocking Digital Health

The power is within our hands. Not the robots or the new fancy AI. The future of health care is going to rely on and need a strong and resilient health care workforce alongside technology advancement. Attending the 2019 Rock Health Digital Health Conference has strengthened and reinforced this sentiment. Technology is a tool that leverages and improves the delivery of health care, not remove the necessity of having a healthy, happy and high performing workforce of health professionals.

During a panel discussion 'The new competitive landscape in Healthcare' Bernard Montag, CEO of Siemens Healthineers, described how important ‘people’ are in leveraging the potential of technology. He outlined the importance of building a sustainable, resilient and high performing workforce, to truly make use of the data, resources and technology available. His views were echoed by Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld, Chair of the American Medical Association. Dr Ehrenfeld described the effect rising technology is having on the health care eco system. For the first time in history productivity in healthcare has begun to decline. He saw a multitude of issues, but one glaring trend is that physician well-being, health and performance are being affected by the rising tide of digital requirements to deliver care. In a sea of technology advancement, it was refreshing to listen to these wise men recognize and discuss the power and limitations of digital technologies within health care.

With the rise of digital health, it’s becoming clearer and more evident that more technology is not always better. We are craving human connection and with the epidemic of loneliness on the rise, we must seriously consider the impact that digital health technologies are having on the health care workforce and the patients. As an industry tasked in providing health care, we really need to consider the challenges that digital health is placing on clinicians. We need to provide solutions to assist performance, not hinder.

This is our core mission and responsibility at AtholTech. To build technology that helps clinicians - perform, prosper and deliver exceptional health care. Our flagship product fwards is addressing this mission. Considering the needs of the individual and the team’s they work in, to deliver the health care workforce of tomorrow.

To find out more or discuss this future, I would love to hear from you.

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