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The fwards difference

Fwards is an innovative technology and education platform purpose-built to streamline employee rosters, reduce employee burnout, and promote positive staff retention cultures within healthcare teams.

Developed and led by a team of health professionals, the fwards platform has been created to solve and address the elevated staffing crisis, reduce burnout levels and prevent further churn of staff from caring roles.

If staff retention is an immediate concern for you and your team, contact hello@fwards.com and bring the fwards solution to your organisation today!

Roster software that reduces staffing stress

Say goodbye to rosters on the wall and hello to a digital and dynamic roster in every employee's pocket. Manage shifts, automate the filling of deficits and integrate important workplace dates to reduce the stress of managing shift deficits.

Support team performance and check in

Stay in sync with everyone on shift, leading to better communication and improved team cohesion. Support private and team reflections and publicly praise good work within teams. Deliver resources like burnout prevention education with ease.

Manage workflows and meet objectives

Set clinical workflows, and implement smart checklists and reminders to ensure work gets done. Streamline performance and deliver patient care aligned with important organisational objectives and requirements. Help your teams achieve results that improve staff retention and patient care.

Made for shift workers by shift workers

From our years in the medical and healthcare space, our team has first-hand experience with an unpredictable lifestyle, not enough support, and little-to-no team culture.

With a combined experience of over 25 years working in nursing and medicine, we understand the pain points and stress involved working shift work, so we started fwards with the hope of improving the lives of shift workers – mentally, financially and professionally.

- Athol Hann, fwards founder

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Have a look at our personalised burnout prevention course to get a glimpse of some of the content available to your workplace teams.

Burnout No More is the only action focused, personalized implementation program of its kind that not only shows you exactly, the process to get through burnout  - but how to easily and simply apply this knowledge into your everyday life.

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