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Burnout education

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The fwards difference

Shift work is an under appreciated stressor pushing the healthcare work force over the edge. 

Working on the front lines is stressful as is, but coupled with a chaotic work schedule, feeling disconnected to family, friends and colleagues, and often difficulty in offloading from the demands, health professionals are burning out and leaving in their droves. 

The Fwards app promotes individual and team debriefing, connects shift work teams, and supports the collection and delivery of information to changing and variable nursing teams.  Through tailored support and information delivery, Fwards gives organisations and their managers the ability to support their nursing staff 24 hours a day. 

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Chat with your team and reflect about your day

Stay in sync with everyone on shift, leading to better communication and improved team cohesion. Privately reflect on your week and publicly praise teammates.

Manage your roster and swap shifts with ease

Say goodbye to rosters on the wall, and hello to a digital and dynamic roster in your pocket. Manage shifts, set task reminders and integrate important personal dates.

Made for shift workers by shift workers

From our years in the medical and healthcare space, our team has first-hand experience with an unpredictable lifestyle, not enough support, pay errors and little-to-no team culture. 

With a combined experience of over 25 years working in nursing and medicine, we understand the pain points and stress involved working shift work, so we started fwards with the hope of improving the lives of shift workers – mentally, financially and professionally.

- Athol Hann, fwards founder

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