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Moving fwards together. 

The app to help health professionals thrive at work and home.

fwards together

Stay in sync with everyone on shift, leading to better communication and improved team cohesion. Privately reflect on your week and publicly praise teammates.

Chat with your team and reflect about your day

Say goodbye to rosters on the wall, and hello to a digital and dynamic roster in your pocket. Manage shifts, set task reminders and integrate important personal dates.

Manage your roster and swap shifts with ease

Made for shift workers by shift workers

From our years in the medical and healthcare space, our team has first-hand experience with an unpredictable lifestyle, not enough support, pay errors and little-to-no team culture. 

With a combined experience of over 25 years working in nursing and medicine, we understand the pain points and stress involved working shift work, so we started fwards with the hope of improving the lives of shift workers – mentally, financially and professionally.

- Athol Hann, fwards founder

Frequently asked questions

How does fwards help me?

fwards can help you manage your roster and commitments at work and home, connect with your team before and after shift, reflect and unwind after work, discuss relevant topics with your team and have confidence in your pay.

When will the fwards app be available?

Request access below and join The Fwards Thinking Nurse facebook group to get access to the fwards application.

Who can sign up with fwards?

Fwards has been specifically designed for nurses working within the public healthcare system and requires access with a Government email address so that we can ensure your security. If you’re a nurse working in the private healthcare system we would love to help you at your organisation, please get in contact at

Who can see my information and is it secure?

Only you can see the information that you enter into fwards, unless you allow another user permission to see some limited information. For example, if you share your roster with another user, they will be able to see your schedule. With this in mind, we use the latest identity and security technology (such as HIPAA approved chat technology) to protect the information entered into fwards.

Who do I contact for help with downloading the fwards App?

If something doesn't seem right, if you need help navigating a particular feature or you have some awesome feedback for us we'd love to hear from you.
Reach out at

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